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external image infogram.png is an online tool for creating interactive charts and graphs. Soon you will be able to create interactive infographic posters on too. There are four basic chart types that you can create on; bar, pie, line, and matrix. Each chart type can be edited to use any spreadsheet information that you want to upload to your account. The information in that spreadsheet will be displayed in your customized chart. When you place your cursor over your completed chart the spreadsheet information will appear in small pop-up window. Your charts can be embedded into your blog, website, or wiki.

external image makes it easy to make your own Infographics from Twitter hashtags. To create an infographic with just sign-in with your Twitter ID, enter a hashtag that you want to see visualized, and select an infographic template.

external image Screen+Shot+2012-05-11+at+11.07.37+AM.png provides a canvas on which you can build your own infographic by dragging and dropping pre-made design elements. You can use a blank canvas or build upon one of's themes. If doesn't have enough pre-made elements for you, you can upload your own graphics to include in your infographic. Your completed infographic can be exported and saved as PNG, JPG, PDG, and SVG files. Watch the video below for an overview of




SMART BOARD TUTORIALS*Features of Smart Notebook Software and how to use them *Self-Paced Tutorial for the Toolkit is dedicated to providing technology [[#|tools for teaching]] that are quick and easy to download, learn, and start using in your classroom.
  • In the site, you will find a variety of review games, classroom management software, and other miscellaneous tools for educators.
WHAT CAN I DO WITH MY IPAD????Summer Resources for Continued Student Success...and some great resources for the school year as well!
I've created a Google Doc with from my PLN of educators and musicians. Please use this and add to it as you find things. Collaborate, Share...we need to create our own networks and sharing each of our expertise! Here's the link you need to access the document, or you can search in Google Docs with "iPad Uses".

41 Websites for Teachers to Integrate Tech into Your Classroom

Need to know how to use a GOOGLE APP?? Click HERE for some video tutorials!!!!
Notes that we collaborated on at the TIE Conference. There are some SUPER sites to check out and some great ideas for everyone to use!

The Arizona K12 Center has created a matrix with lesson plan exemples of technology infused lessons that include both characteristics of the learning environment as well as levels of tech integration
external image safe_image.php?d=46463aebd5f7236272ca2028b1ac649a&w=90&h=90& Integration Matrix | Arizona K12 Center

Building Your Personal Brand

Building Your Personal Brand
Building Your Personal Brand

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to a classroom full of [[#|college]] students about my approach to personal branding. The instructor just happens to be the mother of one of my piano students, so she has seen first-hand how I’ve built my own personal brand over the last couple of years, both online and locally.
I was a new professional, fresh out of [[#|graduate school]], when I began building my personal brand. I was afraid of getting lost in the sea of music therapists, and wanted to make a name for myself as I started my career.
First came Listen & Learn, where I established a presence and voice in the online world. Soon after, I started a **Facebook page** so that I could further connect with people interested in my work, my blog, and me in general — in other words, my personal brand. I joined **Twitter** for the same purpose.
While I was working hard to spread my message online, I was simultaneously doing so in my community. Presenting at conferences and workshops, performing at various local venues, and being featured in newspaper articles were all ways to make my brand known.
And while I didn’t have a specific strategy at the time, as I look back, I realize that I followed a pretty simple set of self-written rules:
  • It’s never too early [[#|to begin]] building your personal brand. No matter how young or inexperienced you are, just get started. Your brand will grow as you do.
  • Be genuine in everything you write or post. When people meet you in person, you should come across the same as you do online.
  • Be consistent. Use the same profile picture and style across platforms.
  • Be transparent. Don’t inflate your credentials, your numbers, or your network; just show your true colors and eventually all of those things will inflate on their own.
  • On the flip side, don’t give yourself too little [[#|credit]]. If you underestimate your abilities and potential to be an authority in your niche, others will do the same.
Even though I still have a long way to go, I feel like I’ve been pretty successful in my efforts within a relatively short period of time. So based on that success, here are the six things that, in my opinion, are essential to every personal brand:
  1. A goal. What are you working towards? Where do you want to be a year, 5 years, 10 years from now?
  2. A resume. Always have this on hand and ready to share, and always be adding to it. Every experience counts.
  3. A website. Even better, a blog. Create dynamic content so that people have a reason to keep coming back.
  4. A slogan that people will remember. Mine is “helping children learn and grow through music” — which sums up all of the different kinds of work I do.
  5. [[#|Social media]] presence. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube…the more platforms for people to find you, the better.
  6. [[#|Business cards]]. I use [[#|VistaPrint]] to create custom cards that reflect my brand’s aesthetic and message.
Whether or not they realize it, most people are building their personal brand on a daily basis. What are you doing to set yourself apart from everyone else?

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One of the BEST websites that I've been introduced to: Kevin Honeycutt

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