New and Emerging Technologies
Integration Plan

Name of Designer:_Anne Lyon

School/District: Bennett County

Subject Area/Topic:

Grade Level(s):


4th Grade

This unit will occur during the first semester, when we are studying The Nutcracker Suite and the composer Tchaikovsky.

Targeted Standards
Music Standards
#5: Understanding Relationships
Students will understand music’s relationship to society, the other arts, disciplines outside the arts, history, and culture.
Indicator #2: Students will understand music in relation to history and culture.

Educational Technology Standards
4.CT.1.1 Demonstrate how to use parts of Application windows and menu options.
4.CT.1.3 Use input/output devices and other peripherals.

What do students need to KNOW? (nouns)
What do students need to BE ABLE TO DO? (verbs)
Tchaikovsky composed The Nutcracker Suite
Website links to use
Russia location
Culture indicators
essential vocabulary
Identify styles of music, Identify different cultures
Compare and contrast
Navigate internet

Academic Vocabulary (terms critical to understanding the concepts listed above)
Carnegie Hall

Formative Assessment(s)
Summative Assessment
(self-administered with teacher observation)
Introductory quick online quiz: http://www.classicsforkids.com/shows/showdesc.asp?id=17
Short online assessment after listening to a radio show: http://bangertmusic.tripod.com/musicatbangert/id48.html
Create a post card as if written by Tchaikovsky to a friend back home, relating his experience in New York. http://bangertmusic.tripod.com/musicatbangert/id53.html
This could be created in a variety of ways:
---by hand
-- by using a Web 2.0 tool such as Sketchpad
--by using Software such as Kid Pix or Pencil

Student Learning Activity
What will students be asked to do?
The students will be asked to do an online webquest activity. Students will be navigating various websites and pages within those websites. They will be working in pairs, discussing their findings with each other as the lesson progresses.

How might this be framed as an inquiry based situation?
Students will be actively involved in searching out knowledge about Tchaikovsky's life and music. They will explore the relationship between culture and music.

In what ways could this be connected to an authentic learning experience?
Students will be collaborating as they discover real-life connections in their explorations. These connections might include concert/symphony experiences or travel experiences. They will reflect on what they have discovered as they produce the postcard for evaluation. This postcard will bring their experience into a real-world situation as well for the student. There will be a variety of acceptable, interpretations for this final project, reflecting the student's interpretation of their research and individual needs.
List the online resource or web 2.0 tool that will be utilized for this activity.
Tchaikovsky Web Quest: http://bangertmusic.tripod.com/musicatbangert/id48.html
Class wiki page will contain additional resources for exploration as a means of differentiation.
Final project might include online drawing resource such as Sketchpad.
A. Which type of resource is this?
B. Where will I use this activity in the instructional cycle?
XTeacher Resource
XOnline (requires a computer)
_Offline (no computer required)

_Student Resource
X_Online (requires a computer)
_Offline (no computer required)
X_Opening Motivational Activity (students listen to some of Tchaikovsky's music via and online radio show)
X_Central Focus of Lesson Plan (students read about Tchaikovsky and discuss with their partner)
X_Research Tool for Students (internet webquest)
X_Closure Activity (design a post card from Tchaikovsky)
X_Assessment Tool (share the post card with the class)
X_Remediation Tool (mini quizzes and partner discussions throughout the webquest)
X_Enrichment Tool (additional websites to explore, postcard options)

C. Which 21st century skills area of focus will be addressed? (Check one.)
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
X_Identify and define authentic problems and significant questions for investigation.
_Plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a project.
_XCollect and analyze data to identify solutions and/or make informed decisions.
_Use multiple processes and diverse perspectives to explore alternative solutions.
Research and Information Fluency
_Plan strategies to guide inquiry.
X_Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media.
_Evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks.
_Process data and report results.

E. How will I configure my classroom for the learning activity?

Classroom Configuration:
_Computers not needed - printable resource
_ Whole group instruction, using a projector and / or interactive white board
Whole group activity, with small groups using mobile laptops simultaneously
_ Small group, using classroom computers or mobile laptops as rotating stations
_ One to one, using classroom computers or mobile laptops as rotating stations
X One to one, in a computer lab setting
_ One to one, with individual student laptops
_ Other:

Be sure there are enough headphones to go around and that they are working.

F. How will I manage implementation?

Classroom Management:
General computer rules / procedures
Students will be working in a lab environment in which the rules and procedures are familiar to them already.
Specific directions for activity
Directions will be posted to the Smart Board as students arrive for class. When we first begin the activity, whole group instruction will be used as an introduction.
Helping Hands
Students will be helping each other navigate the website as they work in partners.
Instructor will circulate among the students, to be sure they are on task and to help when needed.

G. What additional considerations will support successful implementation?

Supplemental Materials
There are listening selections involved in this webquest. Working speakers and headphones are very helpful!!! A good internet connection is also beneficial. Students need to be partnered who are compatible and work well together.

Reflect on the learning activity.
What is my alternate plan if for some reason the technology is unavailable?
PowerPoint presentation with similar information
Listening via cd or iPod to musical selections
Step 5 – Consider the bigger picture
How does this learning activity fit within your general curriculum to support student learning?
The technology curriculum includes proficiency in web navigation. The music curriculum is focusing on the connection between culture and music. I teach both of these classes, so this is a great activity!
In what ways can you tailor this activity to meet individual student learning needs?**
I will pair students so that their strengths/weaknesses compliment each other. The final postcard project will be done individually, and allow for differentiation according to student needs.