Basic Spreadsheet Concepts
external image x005i.gif

Open Excel.
Type your name on the left side of the header.
Type in the following spreadsheet, and format it to look like the sample below.

1) Type in all text and numbers shown in the spreadsheet below.
2) Format all numbers with appropriate format's).
3) Center the spreadsheet heading 'Travel Expenses For The Month Of May' across the spreadsheet.
4) Format all text as displayed in the sample below, including the rotated text labels.
5) Create formula's to display a total for each Sales Rep.
6) Create formula's to calculate the amount due to each sales rep, on the basis that each rep is reimbursed 0.63 cents per kilometer traveled.
7) Apply all borders and shading (color) shown in the sample below.

Some people have difficulty setting up the diagonal part of this spreadsheet, so I have published the instructions on how to achieve this effect.
        • Type in all the data and formulas
        • Apply all cell and font coloring
        • Select the cells A2 to G2
        • Click on the 'Format' menu, then select the 'Cells' command.
        • Click on the alignment tab
        • Set the orientation and alignment as seen belo:
        • Picture_1.png



8) Save your document to your server as "Travel Expenses"
9) Set your page set up to LANDSCAPE
10) Select your print area
11) Have Mrs. Lyon look over your document
12) Print your document when complete

external image excelBex4.gif