Use at least 3 different search engines while you are finding these answers!!! Record your answers in a WORD Document, indicating the answer for each question and the search engine that you used to find the answer. Save it to your folder on the school Server. Print out and hand in when completed.







1. What U.S. President was born in a town named Caldwell?
2. Approximately how many muscles are in an elephant's trunk?
3. What makes a King Cheetah different than other cheetas?
4. From what place did the Ebola virus get its name?
5. What is the address of the Empire State Building?
6. What is North Carolina's state bird?
7. Lemmon, SD has something VERY special! The largest ???????
8. Who invented the paper clip?
9. How many miles is it from Martin, SD to Los Angeles, CA?
10.How many hours would it take to drive from Miami, Florida to Martin, SD?