History, unfortunately, is generally written by the winners. What untold stories and truths should be unveiled to the world about the Aztec's and Incas? Find at least 3 stories/truths about the Aztecs or Incas that you would like to share. Use the note-taking template to record your research notes and resources. You must fill out a notes and sources page for EACH website that you visit and get information from. You need to use information from at least three different websites.

Use the online resources that are found on the "Internet Searches" page of this Wiki.

Use the stories and facts you have found to create an electronic Travel Brochure that could have been used to encourage people to visit the ancient Aztec or Inca civilization. You will use Microsoft PowerPoint to create this project.

Tips for designing a brochure:
  • Create a colorful and eye-catching cover for your brochure.
  • Remember that you want to attract visitors; you will want to present hardship and danger on the journey as excitement and adventure.
  • Make your brochure as attractive, appealing, and informative as you can.
  • Balance text with illustrations and use plenty of color.